MECA & Technology Machine Raises the Bar for Flexo Printing Sleeve Production

Proprietary Compounds Result In a More Stable Flexographic Printing Sleeve


GREEN BAY, Wis. – MECA & Technology Machine Inc.’s status as a leader in the production of flexographic printing sleeves has raised the bar for performance expectations within the entire industry.

Through the use of proprietary compounds that produce more dimensionally stable flexo printing sleeves than those offered by its competitors, MECA & Technology Machine is able to provide exceptional performance characteristics that translate into quality products for its customers.

“The fact we do not use urethane in our manufacturing process is a positive for the quality of our flexo printing sleeves,” said Mick Karchinski, Vice President of Sales. “The stability of our sleeves is valued by our customers in the tissue and toweling industries.”

In addition to standard size flexographic printing sleeves, MECA & Technology Machine has the capability of producing custom sleeves up to 120 inches in length.

MECA & Technology Machine employs approximately 50 people at its Green Bay, Wis., facilities. For more information about the company’s flexo printing sleeves, call Mick Karchinski at (920) 336-7382.

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