An Industry Leader

Rollers and cylinders are at the heart of virtually every process performed in the converting industry, and many of the top producers in North America rely on MECA to supply the high-quality foundations for their operations.

MECA manufactures its rollers and cylinders to precise customer performance standards, engineered to withstand increasingly fast line speeds while maintaining integrity through frequent changeovers.

Exceptional Performance

  • Lightweight, low-inertia CF mandrels save energy by reducing press-connected horsepower requirements
  • CF mandrels dampen press vibration for improved print quality at high speeds
  • MECA’s high-modulus, filament-wound CF mandrels are as stiff and generate less deflection than conventional steel cylinders
  • May be used as base mandrels to mount all MECA print sleeves
  • Patented internally piped CF mandrels enable quick print sleeve mounting and avoid pressure vessel rating requirements
  • Pair them with MECA carbon fiber bridge sleeves for a complete carbon fiber system

Ask your MECA customer service representative about the roller options we offer for your web-handling needs.