Heat Transfer Rolls

Maintaining Process Quality

Expert design and construction of heat transfer rolls

MECA is an industry leader in the design and manufacture of rolls used in the heating and cooling of web substrates. Our expertise in this specialty market provides the advantage you need to efficiently transfer heat energy into or out of your process.

Bring our team onboard early as you work to improve a process or design a new one. We will produce a roll that meets your needs while maximizing value, precision-machined to exact finish and geometric tolerances.

MECA’s engineers have decades of experience designing heat transfer rolls for a wide range of heating or cooling applications. We can produce heating rolls and cooling rolls that control temperature across the width to within +/-1° F.

Our heat transfer rollers regulate temperature across the face of the roll through the controlled flow of either a heated or cooled fluid inside the roller. These specially engineered internal flow channels are designed to optimize the transfer of energy using the science of fluid dynamics.

Heat transfer rolls also are referred to as:

  • Chill rolls
  • Chill cans
  • Cooling rolls
  • Chiller rolls
  • Heat rolls
  • Hot rolls
  • Hot cans
  • Hot oil rolls
Heat Transfer Roll Production
Chill Roll Interior

Versatile heat transfer roll designs provide optimal value

MECA engineers are well-versed in heating and cooling roll designs and their applications. We pair our knowledge of fluid science with experience in practical usage to improve processes. Talk to a member of our team to determine which design option offers the most effective solution for you.

Single wall heat transfer rolls

The simplest form of a heat transfer roller features a hollow pipe with hot or cold fluid running through it. Also referred to as single-shell construction, these rolls are not efficient heat transfer devices because the fluid flow lacks the proper velocity and direction.

Single-wall rollers are not the recommended choice where controlled, efficient energy transfer is needed. However, single-wall rollers do have their place in applications when the requirements are not too demanding.

For example, this type of roller would be sufficient when a rubber-covered roller is being used in a heated application, and the core roll is cooled for the purpose of maintaining a lower temperature at the bonding surface of the polymer cover to the metal roller core.

Double wall heat transfer rolls

MECA’s double-wall design is the industry standard when your process demands precise control and efficient heat transfer.

Our proprietary design introduces a spiral baffle into a flow passage created between an inner and outer shell. This creates an engineered flow channel where you can precisely control fluid velocity, direction, and turbulence.

We offer mono-flow (single direction) and duo-flow (two directions) configurations. Mono-flow designs feature fluid entering one end of the roll and exiting through the other. This configuration is the flow arrangement of choice when higher flow rates are required.

Duo-flow designs have fluids entering and exiting through the same end of the roller. This configuration has the advantage of keeping all piping on one end while freeing up the other end for drive connections. The disadvantage is flow passages are restricted, and the rotary union size must increase to handle the same flow rate.

Specialty heat transfer rolls

We offer specially designed heat transfer rolls for specific applications. These include rolls that feature flow passages machined through the outer shell, often referred to as tri-pass rolls. This configuration pumps fluid through peripherally drilled holes to facilitate heat transfer.

Quality Testing for Heat Transfer Rolls
MECA heat transfer rolls

Surface treatments for heat transfer rolls

MECA’s production team has a wide range of coatings, coverings, and finish options on hand to give your heat transfer rolls the properties your process needs for maximum efficiency.

  • Chrome, nickel or copper plating
  • High-release thermal spray (plasma) coatings
  • Hard or traction thermal spray coatings
  • Polymer (rubber) coverings
  • Ultra-high precision ground
  • Super-finished, optical mirror
  • Controlled matte finish
  • Engraved patterns

Repair and refurbishment of heat transfer rolls

MECA technicians provide complete repair and refurbishment of all heating and cooling rolls. When feasible, repairing heat transfer rolls can prolong the lifespan of these assets and save your operations time and money.

Our repair capabilities include:

  • Journal and roll shell repair or replacement
  • Dynamic balancing
  • Grinding or polishing of existing plating or coating
  • Stripping and re-plating
  • Acid flushing of flow passages
  • Recycling of old material that is no longer fit for use
refurbished heat transfer roll