Sleeve Mounting and Changing Stands

Meets your sleeve mounting needs

MECA offers custom designed/manufactured sleeve mounting and changing stands to meet your sleeve mounting needs and requirements. 

Key Benefits: 

  • Efficiently allows for pre-press mounting of sleeves 
  • Secure/safe method for mounting of sleeves 
  • Designed for any repeat and cylinder length 
  • One stand can be used for multiple length cylinders 


  • (3) Models to choose from:
    • Stationary Changer 
    • Premium cantilevered swing arm with pneumatic lift cylinder 
    • Sleeve changer with cart arrangement
  • Fabricated and machined from structural steel tubing to minimize deflection for proper sleeve mounting 
  • Welded construction, blasted and epoxy primed and painted 
  • Floor pads with bolt holes to allow for secure mounting and leveling to plant floor 


  •  Custom designed for your print cylinders 
  •  All stands engineered for minimum deflection to allow for ease of sleeve mounting 
  • MECA’s custom turntable design allows for the use of a single stand for multiple cylinders 
  •  Each stand comes with an operation manual with exhibits for proper and safe sleeve mounting procedure(s) while using your MECA sleeve stand 
sleeve mounting stand