MECA & Technology Machine Introduces Extra-Large Carbon Fiber Sleeves

MECA & Technology Machine Inc. has introduced a new carbon fiber anilox printing sleeve that is believed to be the largest in the world.

“Our customer looked all over the world for a manufacturer who could build carbon fiber sleeves of this size,” said Mick Karchinski, Vice President of Sales. “Our ability to custom-design sleeves of this magnitude provides an additional benefit for all of our customers.”

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Mechanically Engraved Cylinders Become Growing Resource

MECA & Technology Machine Becoming a Growing Resource for Mechanically Engraved Cylinders GREEN BAY, Wis. – A growing number of companies are relying on MECA & Technology Machine Inc. to fulfill their requirements for mechanically engraved cylinders in a shrinking market of manufacturers in this sector. “Our mechanical engraving tool library gives our technicians access…

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